Nina Mangold

Camera Assistant / Trainee


About Me

I'm a camera assistant/trainee based just south of London with experience of working on a feature film, HETV, short film, and commercial productions. Being born in Switzerland, I'm fluent in German and also speak some French. I strongly believe in trying to make sets a better place for everyone, which is why I always keep up a professional manner and positive attitude when I support my crew in working to the best of their abilities. In my freetime, I like to capture a wide range of subjects through both digital and analog photography. I'm always up for the next adventure, so please get in touch if you have a project that I could get involved in :)




Camera Trainee
'A' Camera 2nd AC (dailies)

DOP: Ben Davis, BSC
Camera Operator: Sam Renton
1st AC: David Cozens, Sarah Rollason
2nd AC: Chloe Harwood, Alexandra Médeville
ARRI Alexa Mini LF
Peacehaven Productions


Camera Trainee

DOP: Annika Summerson
Camera Operator: Jonathan Tyler, Will Lyte
1st AC: Daniel Brough, Kevin Williamson
2nd AC: Harry Taylor, Laura Towers
Sony Venice
Avalon Motion Pictures Ltd


Camera Trainee
(2nd Unit, Dailies)

DOP: Adam Etherington, BSC

1st AC: Chris McAleese

2nd AC: Oliver Hallam

ARRI Alexa Mini

Britannia TV3 Ltd


Camera Trainee
(B Camera, Dailies)

DOP: James Blann

Camera Operator: Jonathan Tyler

1st AC: Chris McAleese

2nd AC: Melanie Jansen

ARRI Alexa Mini

OF Productions (Us) Ltd

HOSTILE (short film, 10/20)

2nd AC

DOP: Martyna Knitter
1st AC: Ben Sansom
RED Helium 8K

BABA (short film, 10/20)

2nd AC

DOP: Anca Badita
1st AC: Guillermo Cheer
Sony A6400
Produced by Creative Lions

GAP (short film, 03/20)

2nd AC

DOP: Simona Susnea
1st AC: Sophie Wilson, Christopher Spurdens

FAIR GAME (short film, 02/20)

Camera Assistant

DOP: Christopher Chanudom
RED Scarlet W-5K

AVERNUS (short film, 01/20)

Camera Trainee

DOP: James Rhodes

1st AC: Vlassis Skoulis

2nd AC: Joaquin Blunt

ARRI Alexa Mini

Produced by Blue Elephant Films

Watch trailer on YouTube

THE POSSIBLE (short film, 10/19)

Camera Assistant

DOP: Bruce Jackson

Sony F55

Produced in partnership with BEAT charity

Watch film on vimeo

Prime Video x Premier League Promo (11/20)

2nd AC

DOP: James Dove
1st AC: Joshua Dadson
ARRI Alexa Mini
Produced by WMA

GQ Promo

Camera Trainee

DOP: Daniel Morgan
1st AC: Shane De Almeida
2nd AC: Kester Jones-Hanby
ARRI Alexa Classic, ARRI Amira
Produced by The Conde Nast Publications Ltd

BT (corporate, 01/20)

Camera Assistant

DOP: Tom Duke
ARRI Amira
Produced by Pretzel Films Ltd

BT Satellite Promo (01/20)

Camera Assistant

DOP: Tom Duke
ARRI Amira
Produced by Pretzel Films Ltd

by Miranda Joy
(music promo, 10/19)

Camera Assistant

DOP: Lyle Bushe

Canon 7D

Produced by Amigos Films

Watch video on YouTube


Other Relevant Work Experience

Jan 2017 & Jul 2017

Camera Technician Floor Work Shadowing

Movietech Camera Rentals Ltd, Pinewood Studio

Assisted camera technicians in setting up and testing professional cameras including various ARRI, RED, and Sony models including

different zoom and prime lenses, filters, wireless lens remote control systems, and additional screens.


Camera Experience and Qualifications

Camera On-Set Experience

ARRI: Alexa Classic, Alexa Mini, Alexa Mini LF, Alexa LF, Amira
RED: Scarlet W-5K, Helium 8K
Sony: Venice, F55, A6400
Canon: 5D, 7D

Training and Qualifications

  • ScreenSkills Coronavirus Basic Awareness on Production Certificate

  • ARRI Online Training for Camera Systems Certificate

  • Albert Sustainable Production Training

University of Oxford – MSt in Film Aesthetics (2019)

Queen Mary University of London – BA in Film Studies & Drama (2018)

Additional languages: German (native), French (limited)



London / Brighton
United Kingdom

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